Hola, I'm Jitachi. I enjoy learning about everything, how things, and we function. I'm a Product Designer enthusiastic about crafting clear, systematic, and scalable solutions. Nice to meet you!!

Recent Work

Insomnia Designer

Lead Designer, Kong Inc 路 2019-20

An open-source desktop app that provides a modern workflow for teams to design, debug, manage, and collaborate on APIs.

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Kong Manager

Product Designer, Kong Inc 路 2016-19

The visual, browser-based tool for managing and monitoring APIs and Microservices running on Kong Enterprise.

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Lead Designer, Mashape Inc 路 2015-16

Analytics for APIs and Microservices. Using real-time logging to view request and response logs as they come in.

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Before Developer Tools, I enjoyed working on...


Platform to manage, send, and generate electronic tax invoices (CFDI) for mexican companies.

Corpfolder 路 Product Designer, 2013


Mobile app to explore Salamanca, Spain. Find events, stays, restaurants, discounts, events, and more.

Freelance 路 Product Designer, 2014


Mobile app for Mexico City people to find gov offices, subway routes, and receive official news.

NearBPO 路 Interaction Designer, 2012


Visual editor and CMS to create, design, and manage websites without any coding experience.

Freshout LLC 路 Interaction Designer, 2012